Oilfield Injury Accident Claims: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been hurt in an oilfield accident, you’re probably wondering what your legal options are and how to recover damages from the person or company who caused your injuries. You should also be aware that it can take some time to litigate these types of cases, so it’s best to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later after your accident has occurred. Here are some of the basics you need to know about oilfield injury accident claims and what you can do if you have been injured in one of these accidents.

What is an oilfield?
An oilfield is a region in which petroleum geologists and engineers extract petroleum (and sometimes natural gas) from subsurface reservoirs. An oil field can be seen as an underground pool of crude oil, with a tangle of hydrocarbon-bearing geological structures, such as porous rock (tight sandstone), permeable rock (shale), and impermeable rocks or caps that prevent the reservoir from escaping through surface fractures. The pools are often hundreds of meters below ground, requiring drilling wells into them. Natural gas seeps occur in many places worldwide, but because it exists below ground level it is not considered an oilfield unless commercially viable quantities are found. Many countries have large oilfields; for example, Kuwait has over 95% of its territory under oil fields.

Why is working in the oil field dangerous?
Most of us don’t think about how dangerous our work really is. We just assume that because we work on an oil rig, it must be one of those safe jobs with a low accident rate and no occupational hazards. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. In fact, oil and gas drilling can be quite dangerous – even deadly – if you aren’t careful.

Some examples of accidents in the oil fields
While oil fields have excellent safety records, workers can still be hurt in various accidents. Not all of these injuries are preventable and no one is immune from being injured, even if they’ve been working for many years. Some common types of accidents in an oil field include

Personal accounts from people who were injured in the industry
The oil and gas industry can be a dangerous place for workers. That’s why at Fisher & Company, we have a team of lawyers with oilfield injury accident claims experience who are willing to listen. If you are suffering after an oil field accident, call us today. We will treat you like family. Because that’s what families do. They help each other get through hard times when they can because they know better than anyone else what you’re going through.

Statute of limitations for suing
If you suffered an injury on a job site or while doing something related to your job, you must file a claim within three years of when it happened. Statutes of limitations set time limits for filing lawsuits. In general, if you don’t meet those deadlines, you can’t win in court. That means if you have any questions about your case and how soon you need to act, speak with an attorney right away.

Who to contact if you were hurt on the job
If you were hurt on the job, it’s important to contact your supervisor or HR representative right away. The sooner you inform someone of your injury, the more likely it is that your company will cover treatment. If possible, ask a witness to corroborate that you were hurt on the job. It’s also a good idea to follow up with your employer and make sure they understand exactly what happened so they can provide proper coverage if you are injured.

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