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If you are looking to work at home as an administrative assistant, this job board lists thousands of jobs in the administrative field, with opportunities ranging from $30k – $60k annually. No experience is required, training and support are offered! Apply today!

Administrative Assistant Resume Tips
A well-written resume is a must when applying for Administrative Assistant jobs. Many of these entry-level positions include daily record-keeping and administrative assistance responsibilities, which makes it crucial to provide an example that showcases your past experience and skills. A cover letter is also required with a resume submission, so be sure to include one that clearly states your reasons for applying to work as an Administrative Assistant. When you are preparing your resume or cover letter, make sure you are addressing it to a specific person; ensure you have all pertinent contact information as well. Once you’ve provided all information requested in an application, be patient when waiting for feedback—after submitting multiple resumes and applications, most employers will take at least two weeks before reviewing them.

Administrative Assistant Job Description
As an administrative assistant, you’ll be expected to have a firm grasp of your company’s business operations and offer support in a variety of different capacities. From answering phones and meeting clients to filing paperwork and scheduling meetings, you’ll serve as a general go-to for all things administrative. Do you like balancing spreadsheets? Are you comfortable helping executives strategize about upcoming projects? If so, administrative assistant jobs may be for you!

10 Qualities of a Good Administrative Assistant
Administrative assistants should be task-oriented and motivated, excellent communicators with strong organizational skills, and team players who work well under pressure. Since administrative assistant jobs are often high-stress, candidates should also be able to handle challenging situations calmly. Administrative assistants also need to possess a strong set of interpersonal skills since they’ll deal with a variety of people in their professional lives. Here are 10 qualities every administrative assistant should have

The Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid
No one is perfect, but there are things you can do to improve your resume before sending it out to a sea of other applicants. Do’s: Get your facts straight. Spellcheck every document, send a few test emails to yourself, and make sure everything in your resume matches what’s on your cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Make sure job titles match up with experience levels (so if you worked as an administrative assistant for three years, don’t list yourself as a junior admin) and tailor both documents towards each position. Proofread for grammatical errors, and errors in formatting and ensure that dates are correct.

Key Soft Skills for an Administrative Assistant
Regardless of your level of experience, you’ll need to prove that you have a solid grasp of the following office skills: typing, data entry, computer software (word processing programs), and various programs used in office environments (e.g., Microsoft Office). Don’t forget things like spelling and grammar—even as an administrative assistant, your writing reflects on your boss and company. You should also expect to participate in meetings and other events so that you can be seen by higher-ups (this is especially true if you are looking for a promotion).

Common Interview Questions and Answers
When it comes to interviewing for a job, you may find yourself getting flustered. It’s okay—it happens to all of us! But even if you get nervous when answering questions, take heart: It is possible to recover from a botched interview. For example, if you don’t know an answer off-hand and say so, it shows that you can be honest with your interviewer and are willing to learn. Similarly, even if you mess up one question during an interview, don’t let it derail your efforts; stay confident and try to make a good impression by explaining what happened.

How Do I Know if I Am Overqualified?
The main factor to consider is your experience level, as a result of which you have many different skills that you can apply to tasks. Being overqualified for one position does not mean you are overqualified for all jobs. Another possible reason that you may be deemed overqualified is if an employer feels you will work too hard or complain too much about having your qualifications underused. You may also be considered overqualified if you feel other employees would ask why they aren’t being paid more if they see that you are getting a larger salary than them. By understanding some basic job qualifications, it’s easier to figure out how to stay qualified without being penalized as overqualified.

What Should I Look For in an Office?
Anytime you’re interviewing for a job, it’s important to look around and get a feel for what it will be like to work there. What is the office space like? Are there any perks or benefits offered by working at that company? Will you have direct supervision, or will you be able to work independently? Even if you’re interviewing as an administrative assistant, rather than as an executive assistant, your new boss can give you some idea of what daily life at their company will be like. (Incidentally, the executive assistant is a title that can mean different things in different places. Make sure both parties are clear on your exact role before accepting any position.

Free Workplace Etiquette Guide
Most professionals wouldn’t dream of showing up to work in sweatpants, but some office slackers have no qualms about wearing them at home. Many companies now offer business casual dress codes, which usually means slightly more casual than a suit but not so relaxed that you feel like you’re on vacation. It’s up to you to decide what level of formality feels right for your situation, but if anything makes you uncomfortable or seems disrespectful—no matter how lax your boss might be—it’s probably best to steer clear. After all, workplace etiquette rules aren’t just about looking sharp; they’re also meant to keep team members feeling comfortable and safe.

If you are looking for a job that provides stability and growth potential, an administrative assistant job could be right for you. Your duties will vary based on what type of company you work for, but in general, your duties may include taking notes during meetings, proofreading important documents before they are sent out to clients or colleagues, maintaining company calendars and event records, and attending meetings with clients. You might also be required to do some light data entry and filing when it comes to record keeping. No matter what type of administrative assistant job you choose to apply for, keep these things in mind: Be proactive! Make sure your resume is always updated and well-written; Be flexible!

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