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People who ride motorcycles know the freedom and exhilaration that comes with the wind rushing through your hair as you go down the road. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to get in an accident, especially when other drivers aren’t paying attention to the road or weather conditions are bad. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and need legal help, look no further than our free directory of motorbike accident attorneys to find out which ones are nearest you. Here are motorcycle accident attorneys near you!

You’ve been in an accident with a motorcycle, and you’re now considering filing suit against the person who hit you to recover your damages, including any costs that resulted from their negligence. In order to succeed in your personal injury claim, it’s important to work with an experienced attorney who understands motorcycle accident laws and knows how to handle these types of cases effectively in court. Use our free directory of motorcycle accident attorneys near you today to find the right attorney for your needs and get back on the road to recovery!


  • Hit By a Drunk Driver?
  • The Basics of A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit
  • What to Do After a Crash
  • The Value of Expert Witnesses in Injury Cases
  • How Much Can I Get in Damages?
  • How Many Years Do I Have?
  • Who Pays My Medical Bills?
  • Will My Car Insurance Cover These Costs?
  • What Happens If I Don’t Have Insurance?
  • How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Hit By a Drunk Driver?

If you were injured by a drunk driver or someone who was negligent on a motorcycle, you’ll need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Search our directory to find reliable attorneys in your area, and read their profiles to learn more about how they can help you.

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The Basics of A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Before you even get started on your motorcycle accident lawsuit, it’s important to know what kind of case you have and how to handle it. There are different kinds of motorcycle accident lawsuits, and your exact rights will depend on specific factors of your case.

What to Do After a Crash

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you want to make sure you’re properly prepared for what comes next. The first step is to contact your insurance company immediately.

The Value of Expert Witnesses in Injury Cases

When a client has been injured in an accident, one of your first questions may be whether they have grounds to file a lawsuit. But before you can get to that point, you need to determine who caused the accident and what entity should be held responsible for paying for damages. If multiple parties are involved—for example, if another driver caused a motor vehicle accident—you may want to hire two or more motorcycle attorneys near me in order to increase your chances of winning any settlement.

How Much Can I Get in Damages?

Each motorcycle accident case is different and there are many factors that go into determining how much you can get in damages, but in general, if you were injured or killed due to a motorcyclist’s negligence, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. Compensation may include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. It’s important to consult with an attorney who has experience handling motorcycle accidents so they can understand all of your rights under state law.

How Many Years Do I Have?

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you’ll need to know how long your claim will be. If a car hit you from behind, for example, then your claim likely expires two years after it happened. But if you were rear-ended by another motorcyclist, then your case is open for six years. Since these claims can be complicated to determine and take some time to resolve in court, it’s important that victims get help from experienced motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as possible.

Who Pays My Medical Bills?

With so many people involved in motorbike accidents, it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for your medical bills. The first thing you should do after a motorcycle accident is to contact a lawyer. A good motorcycle accident attorney will know who to contact and what information to gather in order to determine liability.

Will My Car Insurance Cover These Costs?

Your insurance policy should cover your medical bills if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay anything. It will depend on whether you were wearing a helmet, what kind of bike you were riding, and whether or not there was any proof of intoxication. In addition to paying these costs out-of-pocket, your deductible may apply.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Insurance?

If you or someone else caused a motorcycle accident, and there are injuries or damages, insurance companies will come into play. Even if it’s not your fault (or even if it is), you still may have to make a claim with your insurance company. If you don’t have an insurance policy on your motorcycle, you could be personally liable for all costs involved in an accident—and those can get pretty expensive.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents. Generally, these lawyers charge on a contingency basis: there are no upfront fees and they only get paid if you win your case. Usually, these fees come out of any settlement or award that you are awarded at trial. Keep in mind that settlement amounts vary depending on several factors such as your damages, insurance policy limits, etc.


Using our free directory, you can instantly connect with verified motorcycle accident attorneys near you, and you’ll be able to browse the detailed profiles of these lawyers and find the one that’s best for your needs. Here’s how you can find the perfect motorcycle accident attorney in your area

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