Compare the best WordPress hosting options in 2022

WordPress hosting options are numerous, with each host offering something different from its competitors. In order to decide which one is best for you, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each so that you can choose the option that works best for your situation. Here’s how to make an informed decision about your next WordPress hosting options in 2022…

When choosing the best WordPress hosting options, it’s important to consider the long-term and short-term needs of your business. The best WordPress hosting option will be different depending on whether you’re just getting started or you already have an established business. This guide provides an overview of five top WordPress hosting options and helps you decide which one may be right for your specific business situation. As new WordPress hosting options emerge in 2022, we will update this guide accordingly!

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  • A2 Hosting – The Basics
  • Flywheel Web Hosting – Features and Pricing
  • Liquid Web – Budget Options, Colocation, or Managed Hosting?
  • SiteGround – Security and Reliability
  • DreamHost – On-Demand Green Hosting Plans
  • Media Temple – Traditional Managed WordPress Hosting + Free CDN
  • WP Engine – Single-Server Virtualization Technology & Extra WordPress Support Features

A2 Hosting – The Basics

A2 Hosting is one of several popular web hosts for WordPress websites. With thousands of customers, A2 Hosting isn’t likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. The basics are simple: unlimited disk space and bandwidth, both very important for any high-traffic site, including WordPress sites. But it goes further than that with a custom-built platform specifically designed to work with WordPress.

Flywheel Web Hosting – Features and Pricing

If you’re looking for a host that handles every part of running your WordPress site, from setup to security, Flywheel is an excellent option. The company offers complete control over your database and web server settings, plus an intuitive dashboard for managing plugins and themes. They also include a free CDN with every account that should make loading sites faster—and it doesn’t hurt that their customer service gets high marks. Flywheel’s biggest downside is their price: $39/month for one site is a lot compared to other hosts, even those that don’t offer as many features. Still, if you have specific needs or are willing to pay more for top-tier support, they could be worth it.

Liquid Web – Budget Options, Colocation, or Managed Hosting?

Liquid Web offers numerous WordPress hosting options to meet your needs. Learn more about Liquid Web’s Colocation, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and Cloud-Based WordPress Hosting here! We offer a variety of WordPress hosting options that are optimized for speed, security, and performance. If you are looking for a managed WordPress host with support included at an affordable price then we recommend starting with our Budget WordPress Hosting plan. This is our most popular plan because it is perfect for those just getting started or if you want something simple and easy to use without all of the bells and whistles. With our Budget WordPress Hosting option, you can get everything you need to build your website including one free domain name registration!

SiteGround – Security and Reliability

According to numerous resources, SiteGround is one of the most secure and reliable WordPress hosts available. While all hosts experience occasional outages and downtime (it’s impossible to run an Internet business without it), SiteGround has a reputation for timely response times when something does go wrong—and for doing what they can to restore service as quickly as possible. Also worth noting: if you ever need technical support for a serious problem, SiteGround offers live chat around-the-clock.

DreamHost – On-Demand Green Hosting Plans

DreamHost is a popular WordPress host with three plans to choose from: Pro, Plus, and Prime. DreamHost uses Amazon’s infrastructure for its cloud-based hosting platform. When you sign up for a plan, DreamHost automatically installs WordPress on your server—which means you can get started using WordPress instantly without doing any additional set-up work.

Media Temple – Traditional Managed WordPress Hosting + Free CDN

Media Temple is a traditionally managed WordPress host. Managed WordPress hosting services will automatically keep your site secure, backed up, and running smoothly. Media Temple’s managed WordPress service also includes free CDN services for faster website load times—and better SEO results too. With over ten years of experience, Media Temple is one of our favorite classic WordPress hosts for small businesses or bloggers who want reliable, budget-friendly server access. If you’re not sure about managing your own server, go with a traditional hosted option from Media Temple. Or check out their newer cloud VPS plans (below).

WP Engine – Single-Server Virtualization Technology & Extra WordPress Support Features

With its state-of-the-art single-server virtualization technology, WP Engine ensures that your WordPress website runs on a dedicated resource. You can be sure that your website is not fighting for CPU power or memory with other websites because each customer’s website is hosted on a separate server. The other feature of WP Engine is its WordPress support. This enables you to avail unlimited hours of email and phone support with WordPress experts who will guide you through any troubleshooting issues you may encounter while managing your WordPress site.


It’s never been easier to start your own WordPress blog than it is today, but it’s also more difficult to choose the best WordPress hosting options in 2022 that are right for you without wasting hours of your precious time that could be better spent blogging. This guide will help you find the best combination of price, performance, and security to suit your budget and your needs so you can get back to blogging as soon as possible.


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